About Me

Brief Bio

My name is Taiye Raji and I am Nigerian. I grew up in Riverside, California and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 to continue school. I am a Management major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. I plan to be exactly that, an Entrepreneur. I am a Combat Engineer in the United States Army National Guard and I am very proud of my military background and my family. Sports are a very intricate part of my life and I enjoy being in the gym, working out, playing basketball, participating in intramural, and so on. I am also the President of a service-based student organization on the Georgia Southern University campus called Dream Team. I am a relentless hard worker and I am very self-accomplished. I am very passionate about music and fashion as well. After college I plan to start my business in any profitable market at the time of my business venture or get a job with a management firm. I am a senior so I plan to remain focused this semester, accomplish my goals and be successful. I am very blessed with various talents and I thank God for all for my successes and all that he has done for me. I mostly thank God for my failures because through my failures I am who I am.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Combat Life Saver (CLS)
  • Website Development
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Management
  • Microsoft Office Programs (Excel, Word, Poewrpoint)
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations



Leading and hosting activities that deals with working with people., Volunteering with my student organization.


I enjoy playing basketball, football or working out when I get some idle time