About Me

Brief Bio

I am a full-time transfer student at UCSB. I hold a full Psychology B.A. major standing. At my previous scholastic institution, I held the position of Co-P.R. Officer for the Psychology Club. My position required the participation and planning of several outreach activities and events. Subsequently, I have conducted my own research in the form of a conduct analysis, upon completion of my Research Methods Course.

It is my plan to utilize the opportunities for involvement within Counseling & Psychological Services at UCSB by becoming a Mental Health Peer. In addition to majoring in psychology, I am minoring in Applied Psychology. Currently, I am a Teaching Assistant at the Orfalea Family Children's Center at UCSB. Upon my arrival at UCSB, I was selected to participate in a leadership program for incoming transfer students.

Leadership Education & Action Program (LEAP) Fall 2016, UCSB
Of only 20 students selected, participants were provided with intensive leadership training, tools to better understand ourselves as a growing leader, student, and unique individual in our UCSB community. Elements of the program include peer mentorship and service learning opportunities.

Finally, one of my primary goals is to acquire a research assistant position with the psychology department at UCSB. Eventually, after gaining a P.H.D. in Clinical Psychology, I plan to eventually start my own private practice.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Ideation: intrigued by connection, I am always looking for it in new and obscure ways.
  • Individualization: Tendency, to focus on whats special and obscure about each person.
  • Woo (winning others over): Enjoy initiating conversations with strangers, and future prospects.
  • Communication: I love to explain ideas, host in public, write and speak, so I may bring ideas to life!
  • Futuristic, e.g.: Envision what the future might hold, and this detailed picture pulls me forward, into tomorrow.

Full Times Deans Honors UCSB Feb 2016
Academic excellence



Health and Wellbeing, Outdoor Activities , Student Outreach