Student Involvement Soars at Ramapo College

PDF Ramapo College of New Jersey places a high priority on student engagement. Administrators focused on student engagement because they see engagement as directly related to student success. Data from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) showed a level of student time dedicated to out-of-class academic work that was unsatisfactory given the level of academic rigor within the curriculum. In addition, a policy change had banned cars on campus for freshmen in order to promote further engagement in college activities by first-year students. Finally, as the College increased the quality of its incoming class, administrators hoped to improve retention and graduation rates, important measures of student success, through increased student engagement.

Effectively Managing Risk with OrgSync

PDF The University of California, Santa Barbara, needed an effective way to evaluate and manage the risks of student-run events in order to better protect students and the campus. Their original paper-submission process required a lot of time and attention from staff and didn’t provide enough documentation of their recommendations and decisions. By switching to a digital submission process through OrgSync, UCSB sped up the process and helped them to more efficiently manage liabilities.

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South by Southwest Interactive

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Bar Camp 09 Conference Presentation

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UCLA Visits OrgSync HQ

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2010 NODAC Orientation Ed-session