About Me

Brief Bio

I define myself as a lover of the communication. I love to be in contact with all my friends. I have the great need to speak instantly with any of my contacts, because I love to share all the beautiful things that happen to me. I also need to share the bad times. One of my hobbies favorite places is spend good moments in the company of my friends and be able to talk for hours.

My profession: Study of Communication

At the professional level, my passion for the friends, has made me fall in love with the new technologies. I spend much of my work to the study of the current systems of communication, so that users and companies are closer than ever.

Instant Messaging: the communication revolution

In recent years we have experienced major changes in the way we communicate. Messaging applications have revolutionized the communication. Today we are more connected than ever before. We are not aware, but the arrival of WhatsApp, Line, Viber, BBM, WeChat and many other apps chat, will mark a before and after in our lives.

It is true that the great change which has made it possible this revolution is the emergence of what we know today as Smartphone, in their great majority governed by the Android system, without forgetting the iPhone with iOS system.

The instant messaging applications are the most downloaded among users of Android and iOS for iPhone. The great success of WhatsApp is in large part have been one of the first to appear. Although it must be remembered that Blackberry already available from years ago of its own instant messaging system, the famous BBM BlackBerry Messenger. But BBM was only supported on Blackberry devices and this limitation has been a burden for years, and has curbed its expansion. With the launch of BBM for Android and BBM for iOS, from Blackberry have tried to give a second life to your app to chat and instant messaging.

Direct Push Technology for WhatsApp and other apps of messaging

The SMS have passed into history, but it is curious that many applications of messaging use the SMS to send the activation code of your apps. That is to say, even if it is in a way the residual, SMS we will continue accompanying for a few more years. At least until the main companies of telephony, create a shared service compatible with different "clients" or apps as WhatsApp, telegram, WeChat, Line among others. This service should operate as the email but with servers with Direct Push Technology, which would allow the connection of any app in all its versions. That is to say that it was possible to the sending of messages with stickers from WeChat for PC, messages from Line on iPad, Telegram on PC, WhatsApp for Android from Samsung smartphone or any other device.

Movistar and Vodafone they tried this with Joyn, the messaging application that had to put an end to the reign of WhatsApp, but never arrived to operate.

Main functions of the apps chat in few words

I will try to define the different apps of messages with any of the features or functions of the apps of chat.

Telegram available for Android, iOS, telegram to PC and many other platforms: telegram is one of the apps more complete and in addition provides code open source.

WhatsApp: the queen of the apps of messaging, the first in popularized. WhatsApp is not unique in the market, nor the best, but if the app more discharged. WhatsApp is like Samsung in Smartphone, the two dominate under the Android system. WhatsApp to Samsung the binomial perfect.

Line: the messaging application that was born to assist communication from a natural disaster in Japan. Stands out for the quality of the free calls, the stickers and emoticons.

WeChat for iPad, for Android and PC: by number of users a great rival for WhatsApp, although your domain focuses on China and other Asian countries. WeChat now begins to dawn in the United States.

Viber: Very known but with a number of users lower, the quality of the calls of voice stands out over their rivals.

BBM: the founder of instant messaging on mobile devices. Distinguished by its high security offered in the protection of data. Very good application but to be the last to launch versions of BBM for Android and BBM for iOS, do not have as many users as their competitors.

And some more that I was left by the wayside as: KIK Messenger, Tango, Snapchat or the renewed apps like Skype, Hangouts, among many other applications of messaging and chat.